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NLB on IIS7 on NSM2120G2 with SANI/Q 8

Devraj Urs
Occasional Contributor

NLB on IIS7 on NSM2120G2 with SANI/Q 8

LHN Support isci_windows2008_saniq8.pdf says only MS Failover clustering is supported accessing one volume on the SAN. Is there a way to do NLB (Network Load Balacing) on two IIS7 servers to one SAN volume?
Dean Steadman
Occasional Visitor

Re: NLB on IIS7 on NSM2120G2 with SANI/Q 8

It is possible to do this, but you need to ensure that only one IIS has write permissions to the volume. The iSCSI initiator does not have a mechanism to indicate which server is currently writing to a volume which could lead to data corruption if multiple servers try to write simultaneously. MS Clustering is the only supported method for allowing multiple Windows servers to write to a volume.

Example of a setup for this would be two IIS servers with read only permissions to the volume. Each hosts a web application thatâ s connected to an application or database on additional server that has write permission to the volume.

Please let me know if you need additional details. Thanks