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NSM 150 Centralized Management Console

Occasional Contributor

NSM 150 Centralized Management Console



I have an NSM150 that I am attempting to reuse and am running into a few problems.  I have it all set up and on the network.


The latest version of the Centralized Management Console, 9.5 installs fine and works to a point.  I can see the SAN, I can add a management group, I can create a cluster.  However, the last step to make this thing usable I get stuck.  When I create a Volume I get an error message that says the version of the Management Group is not compatible with the version of the CMC.


The only other version of the CMC that I have is the old version 5.  Unfortunately, this freezes up when installing on server 2008 or Windows 7.  I have tried in safe mode and have also tried in compatibility modes. 


Has anyone else had success in getting this old SAN working in an otherwise new environment?