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NSM 2060 (PE2950) BIOS and DRAC firmware update safe?


NSM 2060 (PE2950) BIOS and DRAC firmware update safe?

Hi forum,


We have three NSM 2060. One gone so bad that Dell sent me 3 disk to replace.  So long story short: 4 disks was replaced including the backplane for the disk controller.


Dell want me to upgrade the motherboard BIOS to the latest version and the DRAC interfaces. Drac has already been updated but not the BIOS. I think the current BIOS was customized by Lefthand Networks back then... It is safe to update the BIOS and then install the o.s.? What do you think?


Thanks in advanced.


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Re: NSM 2060 (PE2950) BIOS and DRAC firmware update safe?

I went through a nightmare of a case with my 2060s.  They are both safe to update- HP replaced the motherboard in one of my 2060s with a vanilla Dell PE290 III motherboard, and it is working fine with the dell bios.


You are correct that the original bios was customized by lefthand, but I think it was just a matter of adding their own spash screen.

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Re: NSM 2060 (PE2950) BIOS and DRAC firmware update safe?

If anyone else hits this thread, From my experience this is not true. I just tried the latest DELL BIOS for a PE2950 in my NSM2060 and it failed to install. It gave an error that it could not be installed on that hardware.


I know that DELL shows the NSM2060 in it's system as a PE2950 and that likely HP will just supply standard motherboards for units still covered by a contract but the stock system board failed to upgrade BIOS and I'm afraid to try other firmware as versions seem to not match.