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Need Help! Question P4500 CMC dates + 10gb driver updates

Occasional Visitor

Need Help! Question P4500 CMC dates + 10gb driver updates

Hi guys,


I have 10 nodes of P4500 running in a cluster, we are planning to upgrade the CMC and patch the 10GB drivers.


Question is that we haev limited downtime, so if we cannot complete the update for all 10 nodes within the time frame, can the cluster work with different version of CMC + 10 GB drivers in the nodes?


Appreciate your advice




Gediminas Vilutis
Frequent Advisor

Re: Need Help! Question P4500 CMC dates + 10gb driver updates

CMC version should always be the latest.


Regarding 10G upgrades. I assume you have in mind NIC firmware upgrade (patch xx118, iso file in CMC downloads directory)?  I have 8 P4500 nodes with 10G NICs and also have the same limited allowed downtime problem. So I upgraded nodes one by one, just reboot one node from CMC, mount patch ISO image via ILO and boot into it. Cluster worked fine with different firmware on NICs. 


BTW, when upgrading NIC firmware, I suggess to upgrade and rest of HW components. Just download latest Support Pack for Proliant DVD image (full version) and make another boot into it. It will upgrade FW of disk drives, ILO and RAID controller to latest versions.