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Need Help Reset Admin Password HP StoreVirtual 4330


Need Help Reset Admin Password HP StoreVirtual 4330


Hello good day,


I have HP StoreVirtual 4330 1TB MDL SAS Storage . I just configure it a month ago and change the default Username and Password, to my own username and password, now for deployment i forgot what username and password i input, its a honest mistake, and now im cracking my head to figure it out. i even try to contact HP Philippines regarding this matter since i just bought it back a month ago,but they even send me a billable quotation as it say it will need an onsite enginer to reset the system. speaking billable to much rate they charged in it. 


Theres any chance i can reset it on my own? any step by step instruction is much appreciated, i am looking forward some HP engineer can help me in my case, 


Machine : HP StoreVirtual 4330 1TB MDL SAS Storage

Serial # : xxxxxxxxxx



I Thank you in advance,


Mel Cobrador





P.S. This thread has been moved from Storage Area Networks (SAN) (Small and Medium Business) to HP StoreVirtual Storage / LeftHand. Also, I have removed the serial number from your post for secutiry. That is information you probably do not want to make publicly available. - Hp Forum Moderator




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Re: Need Help Reset Admin Password HP StoreVirtual 4330

doubt anyone will say anything here... and I doubt anyone has bothered to try and hack into it.  You do realize what you are asking for is for some workaround to get around the login security of the system.  IF that was known to exist, they would close that ability with a security update because you don't want anyone but the people who have the password to get into the system.


I think there is a master workaround, but for obvious security reasons they won't tell you that and will only come out to physically do the reset.


It sucks, but looks like you have to pay to have them come out and do the reset.  Either that or work around the problem.


The best way to work around it depends on your answer to the following questions:  Does the cluster have more than one node and are all LUNs setup with at least NR10?  If only one node or some NR0 LUNs you can't live without, (and BTW you really should have at least two nodes), do you have enough external storage capacity to create a VSA node?  


Basically, the only alternative to having HP come out would be to migrate your data off the LUNs on the management group you don't have admin access to and move them to a new management group that you do have access to.


Re: Need Help Reset Admin Password HP StoreVirtual 4330

Hello Sir 


Thank you for your time and assistance, i just contacted HP support Team Singapore and they reset my system remotely, 


a credit for HP Engineers, topic closed.


Once again I Thank you