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Need some advise on how to condifure my HP 4500's

Occasional Contributor

Need some advise on how to condifure my HP 4500's

I will have two sites cofigured per the steps below.


Primary Site- 3 ESXI hosts and a P4500


DR Site- 2 ESXI hosts and a P4500


I will have a 10 mb line between the two sites. I want to eventually setup SRM between the two and failover VMs.

Right now my main goal is to setup the primary site and do some type of LUN\DATA cloning between to the two site in the event the primary site goes down.


What type of clustering should I do between the two sites, and what are my best practices options, keeping in mind I eventually want to setup SRM?



Andrew Manhein
Occasional Advisor

Re: Need some advise on how to condifure my HP 4500's

I do not have experience with SRM, but we have configured two multi-site P4500 clusters between our primary and DR sites.  We have a 2 Gbps link connecting the sites, and this seems to be sufficient (at the moment) to handle SAN traffic between the storage nodes and our ESXi hosts.  LeftHand support recommends a minimum of 1 Gbps bandwidth between clustered sites, but several of our VMs crashed and became corrupted due to the latency from our original 1 Gbps connection.  Since you mentioned that your sites are connected via a 10 Mbps link, the only cloning option would be to use Remote Snapshots between independant clusters (non-multi-site).  You can adjust the bandwidth used by Remote Snapshot replication in the CMC to avoid choking the 10 Mbps connection.