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Re: Need some help with network RAID changes

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Need some help with network RAID changes

So I have a somewhat unique situation.


I have to 4330's that are both configured in separate Clusters (a single SAN in each cluster), running at network RAID0 on each cluster... So they are basically just two standalone SAN's.


What I want to do it move all data from one SAN to the other, and redo the emptied SAN in preparation to cluster with the one that has all the data on it.

I basically want to have a Network RAID1 between these SAN's in a single cluster. Is there a good way to do this online?

I was thinking I could do the following:

1. Move all data to one of the SAN's that is currently in a network RAID0

2. Redo and prep the empty SAN in prep to cluster with the SAN that is in use

3. Add the empty SAN into cluster with the SAN that is in use and keep them at RAID0, wait for the full stripe to finish

4. Change the network protection level to RAID1 online

Will this work? It looks like you can change the RAID level as long as there is enough space to run it.

The in use SAN will be at about 80% utilized and the other one will be completely empty before putting them into a single cluster.



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Re: Need some help with network RAID changes


looks OK 

1) move all volumes to one node

2) delete the cluster with the empty node

3) add the "free" node to your existing cluster

4) edit the virtual volume and change from NR0 to NR1

when you have finished consider adding a FOM to have automatic redundancy

or with version 12.5 you can add an NFS share.



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Re: Need some help with network RAID changes

couple comments.

1.  "SAN" = storage area network.  that is talking about everything, not just a single node or a cluster which you appear to be talking about.


2.  assuming your two clusters are in the same management group, moving a LUN from one cluster to another is as simple as right clicking on the LUN and selecting a different cluster in the "edit" option.  That will start the migration process.  WHile this is going on, you will need to go to the servers connecting to the original LUN and make sure to ass the virtual IP of the remaining cluster to its descrovery tab and then add the newly listed LUN to the server and remove the old one. 

If your two clusters are in different management groups, the best way to make this migration is to use remote replication and then do a planned "failover" to the remote site and then convert the remote site to become primary.  Its not actually that complicated and the userguide gives a good step by step process for how to do this.


Once thats all do, you can then delete the luster with the unused node and then you can add that node to the remaining cluster and configure the LUNs for NR10.