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Need the FOM a VSA Licence?

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Need the FOM a VSA Licence?

Hi together.

in the storage area I´m a beginner and my question is:

I built up a system with two storages ( 4730)  and now the best practise say that I need a FOM. So I installed the FOM as a Hyper-V virtual machine. If I want to add the FOM to the management group the cmc said something about a 1tb promotional VSA licence. Do I have to buy another licence for the FOM?




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Re: Need the FOM a VSA Licence?


FOM is a node with out storage it does not need a license

it's just for quorum.


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Re: Need the FOM a VSA Licence?

no license required.  sounds like you might have installed a VSA install instead of a FOM.

HPE Blogger

Re: Need the FOM a VSA Licence?

Hi Pad, As others have said, the FOM doesn't require a license. The 1TB VSA is not what you want. How many nodes do you have? If you have 3 or more, you probably don't need the FOM. The except would be if you have a stretched cluster. I have a blog post I recently did that has a link to the new VSA architecture white paper. Since this is all new to you, I highly recommend you read it. You can also look around my blog for other posts about StoreVirtual VSA as there is a lot there you can learn from.

Also, specific to quorum - you can download the FOM on the HPE Software Depot.  A new feature that I think started with LeftHand OS v12.5 is that you can use an NFSv3 file share as your quorum witness. The FOM is a VM so you have to install it on a host other than your existing VSA nodes.  The NFSv3 file share also would need to be on a host that is not you VSA nodes but it isn't a VM and probably an easier option.