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Need to implement Site-to-site redundancy after the fact

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Need to implement Site-to-site redundancy after the fact

I have two HP StorageWorks 4300 G2 3.6TB storage devices currently running in different Management Groups in the CMC. I have been tasked with running a hosted web application with two-site redundancy. The hosted web app is currently running on one site and users are issuing transactions. An SQL Server cluster is going to run atop this with an SQL server in each site accessing a shared database drive to be provided from the 4300. Am I correct in assessing that I will need to make sure that both 4300s are within the same cluster within the same storage group? The database drive is currently being accessed by one database server and it is not currently shared or clustered. In order to re-create this drive as a Network RAID drive do I need to backup/re-create the volume/restore, or can I simple place the 2nd 4300 in the cluster and configure the current volume to stripe over to the 2nd device?

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Re: Need to implement Site-to-site redundancy after the fact

Correct me if I am wrong

Setup 2 Management Groups
2 Clusters with 1 Node each.

MultiSite Cluster would require the 2 nodes to have less than 2ms delay (ping)
MultiSite cannot be implemented if the 2 nodes/sites are separated by a WAN link.

Assuming that the 2 nodes meet the Multisite Cluster requirement.
Then one cannot add the node from one site to other without destroying the volumes in that Management Group/cluster.

Hence you will have to move your data to the Cluster to which you will add the Node to.

You perform this in 2 ways
1. Create a new volume in the Cluster you wish to add the Node.
Assign the volume to the host which has access to the Old Volume and just copy data to the new volume.
2. Create a Remote Copy/Snapshot of the Volume.

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Re: Need to implement Site-to-site redundancy after the fact

what does "two site redundancy" actually mean? are you looking for true live syncronous replication... that is what Jitun describes. If this is just DR and a snapshot frequency is enough, your setup is fine and you should read up in the manual on remote snapshot creation and failover practices.