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Network RAID-0 for Remote Snapshots?

Occasional Contributor

Network RAID-0 for Remote Snapshots?

Hello, does anyone use network RAID-0 for remote volumes created by remote snapshots?  I'm trying to free up some space at our DR location and wondering about the implications of this.  Worst case scenario is if we lose one server, the volume goes offline basically?  These volumes aren't mounted anywhere, so I can't see a big deal with them being offline during updates etc as long as a snapshot isn't running--the scheduled snapshot jobs would pickup without a problem right?

Honored Contributor

Re: Network RAID-0 for Remote Snapshots?

that is what we do at our DR site.  Ultimately its a risk calculation you have to make.  For us, we decided that we didn't want to pay for the extra overhead required for our DR site to have NR-10 so we are using NR0 since we also only use it for remote snapshots and don't have any targets actively connected to it and don't care that the LUN availability is interrupted by upgrades or reboots.