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No Performance Monitoring Data?

Occasional Visitor

No Performance Monitoring Data?

Hi there,


I have a backup management group setup for disaster recovery via remote snapshots.

Its divided into two clusters with different groups of servers running VMware ESXi and SAN-VSA's.


The first cluster has 1 server running 2xSAN-VSA virtual machines, and the performance monitor works fine.


However, the second cluster is made up of 5 servers each running ESXi 5.0 with a single SAN-VSA virtual machine, but when clicking on the 'Performance Monitor' in the CMC, it does not return any details for the cluster?

If i manually add in statistics individually for each system/server, then it will display the details, but not for the overal cluster performance?


I'm almost positive this has only recently happened.


Is this normal behaviour? I thought it may have had something to do with snmp but then why would it return individual stats for each system? I have not been able to troubleshoot any causes.

Any help appreciated.