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P2000 Question creating RAID arrays

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Erick Arturo Perez
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P2000 Question creating RAID arrays

Good day,

I am not an owner of a P2000 and would like to ask a question regarding RAID creation before exploring purchase of a p2000.

Lets say I have a p2000 with 8 1TB disks and would like to create several RAID sets, my question is:


in a P2000 do i create RAID arrays using physical disks only? Such as in a 8 disk p2000 i can only create 2 raid 5 sets (raid 5 of 4 disk each)


or in a p2000 can I create many vraid arrays than can span the 8 physical disks, such as

one virtual raid 5 that spans the 8 disks but make the raid 500GB in size

another vraid5 that spans the same 8 disks but this one 3TB in size

and so on....





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Re: P2000 Question creating RAID arrays

In a P2000 you create first a vdisk across the physical disks with a certain RAID level, then inside this vdisk several volumes, each with the same RAID level. See the SMU Guide


P2000 G3 MSA System
SMU Reference Guide


for more details.

Hope this helps!

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