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P2000 and P4300 disk carving comparison for Exchange?

Cajuntank MS
Valued Contributor

P2000 and P4300 disk carving comparison for Exchange?

I am looking to purchase either a P2000 G3 series or P4300 series SAN. My question relates to carving out disk space for applications like Exchange. I will be virtualizing a lot of my existing servers so I know all I need is space for VDH(s). I will keep my log and database as pass-through straight to the disks for Exchange, SQL, etc... Is there a difference in the way these two operate in that regards? What I mean is, if I have 8 disks, do I RAID1 two disks for logs and say 6 disks RAID10 for database or do I RAID5 the whole disk array and just create volumes for each "disk" I would have normally created if it was DAS?



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Sudhakar Subramaniam
Trusted Contributor

Re: P2000 and P4300 disk carving comparison for Exchange?

You can do both ways.
u can create RAID 10 Vdisk and crave out 2 Luns out of it or create 2 Vdisks RAID 1 and RAID 10 and carve out one LUN each

Difference wise i can say if you are virtualizing you can go for the p4300.i might not be able to tell you the complete difference.