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P2000 crashing hosts when using VSS Snapshot and P4300 Poor Performance

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P2000 crashing hosts when using VSS Snapshot and P4300 Poor Performance

1 - Where do i find the VSS hardware snapshot drivers, I need to load them onto Server 2008 R2, i have had a look but cant find what I need.


2 - We are having a problem withthe VSS hardwaresnapshot drivers where when installed on one of ours hosts out DPM server would run backups and the drivers would work, but it looked to cause a memory leak or something like this in windows our host will eventually crash and run out of memory, we know its this driver we stop using it and the problems stops happening, we are using the VSS driver for P4300 and it works just fine on 6 hosts but the P2000 one does not (hense wanting the latest driver in question 1) has anyone seen this issue before.


3 - We have  P4300 with 4 nodes filled with 8 x 300gb SAS disks in each node, ever since we have had this san (3+years) the perfomance has been terrible, we have very very slow network transfers normally at best about 4-6mb when transfering from VM to VM.


We have a C3000 Blade Chassis with BL460G1 Blades, 1GB network with MPIO with 4 nics, we have 1gb Cisco Blade Switches and Cisco San Switches, we do not have Jumbo Frames or Flow control on, but I would expect better performance then this without these on.


One of my engineers spent some time on this but we are still no better off nore have any idea where the issue is.

If anyone is good at fault finding this suff please let me know i will be able to grab any info.


both sans are using Iscsi targeting P2000 has 24 disks and P4300 is also fully poplated.


I know this is limited info but its a start, cheers guys.



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