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P3000 Networking design

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P3000 Networking design

Hi Completely new to SAN and need some help with the physical design of our SAN. 


We have 1 P3000, 1 P4000 and 1 10GB HP switch. In terms of physical connectivity do I connect the commercial network into the P3000 and then connect the P3000 into the HP switch. Do I then connect the P4000 into the HP switch.


On the HP switch I create a CICS PLAN that contains 4 ports - 2 from the POPUP and 2 from the POPUP.


Does this sound correct so far?


Do i then connect the HP switch to the commercial network via a trunk link and create a management PLAN for the HP switch - or does the HP switch stay separate from the commercial network (i.e. it only handles ISCSI traffic)


Any help in clearing this up would be appreciated.





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Re: P3000 Networking design

What is a P3000?


Are you talking about keeping the iSCSI vlan seperate? Ideally seperate switch for iSCSI, otherwise seperate vlan.



David Tocker