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P4000 2 site deployment with 2910 al switches

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P4000 2 site deployment with 2910 al switches

Hi All,


I am planning to install  2 x P4300 over 2 sites ( 1 node at each site)  also with 1 2910 al  at each site. This will be on the same subnet. So the concern i have are as follow:


1. As both Nics on each node will be connected to single switch in the site, can i still use ALB bonding ?


2. how do i interconnect the two switches ? Trunk ports?


3. the plan is to create FOM on a separate subnet at  the primary site- possible?




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Re: P4000 2 site deployment with 2910 al switches

1.  ALB on the node should be fine, but if you are only using one switch, you might want to use LCAP since it typically gives higher bandwidth, but is typically ruled out in two-switch solutions (which you don't have). 

2.   Are these logical sites or actual physically seporate sites?  If they are only logical, then that changes things a lot.  If they are physical, aren't they going to be connecting through your firewall or other VPN solution?  Either way, the switch ports connecting to the nodes should probably be listed as untagged on the VLAN of your iSCSI network.  for HP switchs I think it was "hybrid" or "access" with a PVID as the iSCSI LVAN and untagged as the iSCSI VLAN and removed from all other vlans.  Then its important for your gateway to the other site to have access to that same VLAN.

3.  possible?  Yes.  Good idea?  No.  If/when you lose your primary site, you will lose quorum and your cluster will go down.  If that is acceptible to you, you can run that setup, but then I don't know why you would want to use a multi-site cluster if you don't care about an outage when one site goes offline.  PS.  You can't put the FOM at the backup site either since losing that site would cause the same problem...  you need a third site to put the node in.  Either do a hosted 3rd site or come up with another option, but a FOM at one of your other sites means that your quorum will depend on that site saying online.