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P4000 9.5 Application Managed Snapshot and vSphere5

Steve Thomas
Occasional Contributor

P4000 9.5 Application Managed Snapshot and vSphere5

I'm having problems with getting the Application Managed Snapshots working with vSphere5


On the Virtual Center Server I have installed Virtual Center, P4000 CMC & P4000 App Snapshop Installer.

I have configured the P4000 Authentication Console and have tested that it will connect to the P4000

In the CMC I've set the 'Controlling Server IP Address' of the ESX5i servers to be the IP address of the VC server


When I go to take the App-Managed Snapshot, I get the following error:


A general error occurred that is not covered by a more specific error code: "Error retrieving volume list from application server at ILED: An exception of type VimException with message Cannot complete login due to an incorrect user name or password occured while performing VcsConnect operation"

To create a point-in-time snapshot, click continue


Has anyone any ideas why teh authentication is failing and if so where to I configure the user/password


Many thanks in advance



Steve Thomas
Occasional Contributor

Re: P4000 9.5 Application Managed Snapshot and vSphere5

Discovered some more info, if the VCenter system services are run as a Windows Users account, the problem occurs. I altered the services to run as 'Local System' everything worked OK.


Now there are some instances where VCenter is best run as a Windows User rather than Local System, so what HP serices are used to connect to VCenter and can these run as the same user....

Occasional Visitor

Re: P4000 9.5 Application Managed Snapshot and vSphere5

Does anyone know of a resolution or work around for this?

I cannot change the login account for vcenter services as the DB is running on a dedicated mssql server.

Occasional Advisor

Re: P4000 9.5 Application Managed Snapshot and vSphere5

When you install the HP Application Aware Snap Mgr software on your vcenter server it installs a service called "Pegasus CIM Object Manager..". If you change the user this runs as to a local administrator (not local system)  then the problem is resolved. Least it resolved the issue for me.


I was given this tip/advice from HP Support today.