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P4000 - Activate secondary storage error

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P4000 - Activate secondary storage error



We are in the process of activating the secondary storage. We've lost the first storage and we need to activate the luns in the secondary.


We right-click the lun and select "failover/failback volume" and we get the following error "Cannot perform a failover/failback. Pause all schedules associated with the volume, then try again".


Next i go to the schedules tab and try to right click to pause the schedules i get an error stating that the primaray storage is not available and that i should login there first.


Any ideas?


Thanks for any help

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Re: P4000 - Activate secondary storage error

I am some what confused by your question.

With the saniq software volumes should be replicated.

If you have some snapshots then yes those can be restored and they recovered.



Re: P4000 - Activate secondary storage error



even I am not sure if i understood your query correctly. My educated guess is that your primary site/nodes are down and you are trying to gain access to data from remote copy volumes/ DR site. In such scenario, you will need to change the remote copy volume attribute from remote to primary. This can be done as seen below,


Using failover to remote volume

If the primary volume is not available, you can use the wizard to promote the remote volume to an

acting primary volume.


In the navigation view, select the volume that you want to convert.


Right-click the volume, and then select Failover/Failback Volume.


Click Next.


Select the reason you are failing over the volume.

Use the second choice if your primary volume is not available and you want to get an acting

primary volume into production.


Select To failover to the remote volume, and click Next.

The next window reminds you to disconnect any iSCSI sessions connected to the volume.


The final step is to make the remote volume into an acting primary volume.

This acting primary volume connects to application servers in order to maintain business

continuance or accomplish disaster recovery.


Click Finish.

The final window of the wizard displays a summary of the actions and a reminder to reconnect

your iSCSI sessions.

P4000 Remote Copy user guide 35


If you promoted a remote application-managed snapshot, use diskpart.exe to change the resulting

volume's attributes.




for more details please refer P4000 Remote Copy user guide, i have attached it for your reference.


hope this helps




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Re: P4000 - Activate secondary storage error

++ what ravi said.  What you were trying to do in the OP is do the controlled return you would do to change back the volume after both sites are back up and running.  While the primary is gone, simply changing the type of the LUN as ravi mentioned is all that is needed to get your DR site active w/ your storage (assuming they already have the iscsi targets entered.