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P4000 (G1) updates causing / (root) partition to fill up

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P4000 (G1) updates causing / (root) partition to fill up


Sceanrio is 4x P4000 G1 nodes in a Cluster running various Network RAID10 volumes. Original OS was version 8.5.
This has recently been upgraded to 9.5, with some other updates also going on/needed. The upgrades took an excessive amount of time, there were some issues with RDP conectivity (crashing out the updates), and after several hours the updates were aborted.


The Nodes are up and running all on the same OS version (differeing patches), and 3 out of the 4 nodes are reporting that the "/" root) partition is down to 3% free. This was 75% free prior to the upgrades.
I can see that the partition is 1Gb in size with not much free.


My question is how can I access this partition to see what is stored and possibly clear unwanted files?
If I Putty.exe to the Nodes on port 16022, I get the "CLIQ>" prompt - and non of the CLI Commands relate to accessing the OS files. WinSCP doesn't connect either. HP CMC CLI shows the same as Putty.exe.


Is there a back door into this system that allows me to see the OS and possibly run some Linux tools to clear some space?


Thanks in advance

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Re: P4000 (G1) updates causing / (root) partition to fill up

hate to be the debbie downer, but there isn't anything documented about this.  I'm sure support has a back way in, but if these are G1 nodes, I"m guessing you aren't paying for support anymore.