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P4000 VSA 9.5 install problems

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Occasional Contributor

P4000 VSA 9.5 install problems

We recently tested this software VSA on a HP DL180G6 using VMware 4.1 this installed fine and worked first time, we were impressed with the performance so purchesed three licenses to replace our problematic OpenFiler SAN's (running on the same boxes).

we installed the VMware ESXi 4.1 (free version) and configured it which can attatch to the local storage (2 x 1.4TB), when we run the HP P4000 VSA application it runs fine and allows you to configureit and starts teh deployment but fails after passing all checks but fails with the the error 'Error occured in deploying the OVF package : fault.RestrictedVersion.summary'  log below


Any one got any ideas how to fix this?


- -------------------------------------------------------------------------------
2013-01-24 09:55:31,976 [4872] - Started upload of the virtual appliance Oracle-VSA02
2013-01-24 09:55:35,502 [4872] - Creating import spec...
2013-01-24 09:55:36,219 [4872] - ================ OvfFileItem ================
2013-01-24 09:55:36,219 [4872] - chunkSize:
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - create: False
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - deviceId: /Oracle-VSA02/VirtualLsiLogicController0:0
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - path: VSA-disk1.vmdk
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - size: 374910464
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - ==============================================
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - Total bytes: 374910464
2013-01-24 09:55:36,235 [4872] - OVF manager validating host before import
2013-01-24 09:55:36,469 [4872] - Calling ImportVApp on resource pool object
2013-01-24 09:55:36,906 [4872] - Error occured in deploying the OVF package : fault.RestrictedVersion.summary
2013-01-24 09:55:36,906 [4872] - Deleting temp files created for VSA

Dirk Trilsbeek
Valued Contributor

Re: P4000 VSA 9.5 install problems

the free version of ESXi is restricted to readonly-access for scripting for instance with powerCLI. The OVF deployment seems to be done using that API, so OVF deployment won't work on free ESXi systems after the 60 days evaluation period has passed. I didn't try but you could perhaps unpack the OVF with the ovftool from vmware, upload the files to your ESXi storage and then manually register the virtual machine.

Occasional Contributor

Re: P4000 VSA 9.5 install problems

HI.. Thanks for the update, I managed to resolve this by removing the activation key and running it under the trail full license (had a week left) so all working now.


Thank you