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P4000 and/or VMware thin provisioning


P4000 and/or VMware thin provisioning



I was wondering if anyone had any recommendations for thin provisioning and whether to use the P4000 thin provisioning option, the VMware one or both together. Specifically is there any reason not to use both together?


Our situation is that we've gone for full provisioning on the P4000 arrays and thin on the VMware VMs but we're now running out of disk space because of the (seemingly bonkers) disk space requirements for remote snapshots. We've been told this will reduce if we convert the P4000 LUNs to thin provisioned.


I'm sure it will work if we have both the P4000 LUNs and the VMware VMs thin provisioned but is it a good idea?



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Re: P4000 and/or VMware thin provisioning

Thin Provisioning will work with both.

Thin provisioning will buy you time but you fill up the volumes eventually.

So dont look at this as a permenant solution. You can and probably will free up space but unless you reduce the volumes

or add more storage you will  run out of space.