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P4000 bundled with VSA- support issue

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P4000 bundled with VSA- support issue

Hi All,

I supplied a P4000 unit bundled with VSA (AT011A P4000 10.8TB Virtualisation SAN) back in December 2009. It was supplied with UQ029E 3 Years Support Plus 24. I was under the impression that the 3 years support covered both Hardware and Software including the VSA for the full 3 years, however HP have sent the end-user a renewal quote for the just the VSA support starting January 2012,meaning it only seems to have been covered for 2 years rather than 3. Should the VSA be covered by the carepack, or does it have its own method of support? I cannot seem to find out either way.

Any help would be appreciated! Thanks

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Re: P4000 bundled with VSA- support issue

I was asked to renew after one year. 

I think the problem comes up when you register all the components, rather than just the package as a whole. 

If you read carefully the support SKUs, the VSAs are definitely covered for the duration.