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P4000 download updates timing out

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David Scott Reynolds
Occasional Visitor

P4000 download updates timing out

Just loaded CMC 9.0 and need to upgrade storage nodes to 9.0. CMC starts downloading the updates (4GB) but stops at 17%. I suspect an FTP timeout. CMC just stays at 17% until I close the CMC. I have no issues with downloading upgrades directly over the internet from this server, but for some reason the CMC keeps timing out. Any thoughts?

Re: P4000 download updates timing out

You can manually download the files from the FTP Site as well and Save them to the Default CMC Location

Check preferences.txt
On pre Windows Vista/Server 2008 Systems, the location is something like:

C:\Documents and Settings\{username}\.storage_system

On Windows Vista/Server 2008 and above, it is:


You will find the Default downloadDirectory and upgradeUrl FTP link.

The files listed on the FTP is saved Locally.

So if possible save the from the FTP to the Local directory (use 3rd party FTP Application, if need be)

I think this should fix things for you.
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David Scott Reynolds
Occasional Visitor

Re: P4000 download updates timing out

Thanks, that took care of it.