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P4300 Ethernet speed and duplex

Amana Living
Occasional Advisor

P4300 Ethernet speed and duplex

Hi all

Our procurve 8212zl switch is reporting a high number of drops on the interfaces that connect the P4300 cluster. On some interfaces over 1.5k. Flow control is on for both the switch and the node, and the node is set to ALB.

The ports on the 8212zl are hard set to auto-1000, the auto is the duplexing, as per the Gigabit Ethernet specification. From what I read there is no longer a Half/Full option for Gigabit.

But on the Lefthands the Ethernet speed is configurable as 1000/Half and 1000/Full.

From experience with duplexing issues in the past, that if one of the devices is not auto negotiating, the side that is will default to half duplex because it cannot guess the duplex mode, but the speed will auto detect.

Oddly the port IS showing 1000/Full is its status.

Does anyone know if the Lefthands 1000/Half/Full option actually translates to auto-1000? or can offer any suggestions on why I might be dropping large amounts of packets?

Occasional Advisor

Re: P4300 Ethernet speed and duplex

ALB can do funny things with the MAC addresses. Do you know if your 8212 has port security enabled that would limit the MAC addresses that can communicate over a specific port?

Other then that I believe that LH recommends filtering out STP packets on ports the LH nodes are connected to. I believe that the commands to do this on a procurve are "admin-edge-port" and "spanning-tree A1 bpdu-filter". You may want to even consider turning off STP all togather if you don't need it and your environment is really static.

Good luck.