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P4300 Firmware update

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P4300 Firmware update

I just setup a P4300 G2 SAS starter kit.
I have to nodes and i configure a management group and a cluster.
I use volume in network raid 10 (2 way mirror).

When i check for update, CMC say that my i out of date, i suggest to upgrade to

On the HP support page, i have download the last firmware (AX696-10509.upgrade) but it is the same release

Questions :
- where can i download ?

- when i want install the software i download, i get this error message "Unable to install the software because management group MG_P4300G2 has the following issue: Taking node LH01 offline will cause a loss of quorum."
With to node i could expect upgrading and reboot 1 node at a time, no ?

PS: my P4300G2 is not yet registered, i'm using the 60 days evaluation period.

Thanks for reading.



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Re: P4300 Firmware update

I suspect your "problem" is this:
You have a two node management group/cluster but if you shutdown/reboot one of the nodes you will lose quorum(Q).
The reason for this is that you need a third node or a Virtual Manager (VM) or a Fail Over Manager (FOM) to act as a tie breaker and keep Q.
At the moment you have 2 nodes which = a Q of 2 so if you lose one node then you will lose Q.
If you have 3 nodes then your Q value is 2 so if you lose one node then Q is maintained.
You should have found that when you created your two node management group/cluster a VM was created. If not you can create one by using the CMC.
All you need to do is to start the VM on the node that you ARE NOT going to update and then you should be OK.
When the update completes on the first node, stop VM on the other node and then start it on the other node. You can then upgrade the other node.
When that upgrade has completed and both nodes are up and running again you can stop the VM.
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Re: P4300 Firmware update

Thanks Mark,
You are right for the failover manager or the virtual manager.
I'm a newbie with lefthand products. I know pretty well datacore sanmelody products, but they are very different.

Since my firts post, i open support case, HP gave me a link to download ISO with quick restore kit.
I have update firmware with success. The drawback is that it erase all datas on the node :/
The "Install software" menu should be better to keep data.

I have also deploy a failover manager within a vm. The virtual manager gave poor results in case of a failure.

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Re: P4300 Firmware update

Hi - I've been trying to hunt down the update as well with no luck. Anyone know the location to download this update from?
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Re: P4300 Firmware update

Hello Kevin,
I use a ftp link with login that HP support gave me. I can't find it anymore.

You could go to the VSA web page and download trial software.
The quick restore kit is include : AX694-10004.iso contain the release.
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