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P4300 G2 Cluster Re-config RAID 10

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P4300 G2 Cluster Re-config RAID 10

We have a 2 node P4300 G2 cluster utilizing a FOM. 

I want to re-configure nodes in RAID 10 from the current 5. I've seen people discuss evicting a node, change the RAID, add it back to the management group however it was always 3 nodes. 

How can I do this with 2 nodes. When you try evict a node with a FOM it tells you to remove the FOM from the management group first. If I remove the FOM, then remove a node from the cluster I'm going to lose quorum and the cluster will go down no?


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Re: P4300 G2 Cluster Re-config RAID 10

How much do you care about your data?  The ideal thing to do is create a VSA and exchange it with the node in question so you can remove it from the cluster, fix it and then re-exchange it with the VSA.  If the VSA is slow, this will cause a performance problem with your san, but you will always have your data redundant.


If you don't care about your data redundancy, you can simply take one node, reset it through the console while its live and reset its raid.  From there you would rebuild it and restore it to the group just like you would as if you had a natrually failed node.  No storage admin should WANT to do it this way, but it is technically possible.


Re: P4300 G2 Cluster Re-config RAID 10

That's odd. The CMC should not be telling you to remove the FOM. A screen shot would be interesting. You are correct that removing a storage node and FOM at the same time would lose quorum and stop storage services.

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