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P4300 G2 Network RAID 10 Question

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P4300 G2 Network RAID 10 Question

I have a couple pairs of P4300G2 SANs in my environment that are all set up as network RAID 10 pairs.  One the them experienced a failure a couple weeks back, and I am just getting around to repairing it and bringing it back up now.  Can someone tell me the proper way to bring this up so that it gets added back to the same RAID 10 pair, and the new data from the other system in the cluster gets synched back over to it?  The data on the other SAN in that cluster is very important to a number of our live systems, and I don't want to take any chances.  Losing that data, or having it overwritten by old data on the repaired SAN would be a disaster.  Thanks.  

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Re: P4300 G2 Network RAID 10 Question

Was the node just offline for a long time and you are now just replacing a disk or something or did you remove the node from the cluster?  If the node already shows up in the cluster, you can just bring the node back online and it will re-sync and work correctly without any issue other than a potential data access slowdown depending on the rebuild rate you set in the management gruop and the workload on the system.  Availability and data integrity aren't changed by the rebuild process.


The proceedure is a little different if the node was removed from the cluster or if it is a "new" replacement node where you have to exchange it with the dead node, but the same availability issues will remain either way.