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P4300 G2 & Storevirtual 4330 Play Well Together?

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P4300 G2 & Storevirtual 4330 Play Well Together?

We are heavily invested in the P4300 G2 solution at our company.  We are thinking about replacing our DR site with newer units and were thinking about going the route of the Storevirtual 4330's.  I have the following questions I hope someone can help me with....


1.  I assume we can have a cluster with our P4300's and another cluster with the 4330's.  If this is true, can we remote copy back and forth between these clusters without any issues?


2.  What licenses come standard with the 4330's?  Remote Copy, Multi-site, etc....


3.  Do the 4330's come ready to fire up and use, similar to the way the P4300's did?


Thanks in advance for your help.  I called HP presales a week ago and no one has returned my phone call.



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Re: P4300 G2 & Storevirtual 4330 Play Well Together?

1 - Yes. However, if you have  different versions of SAN/IQ on the 4300 vs 4330 - i.e. 9.5 vs 11, there are some limited functionality if you're going from a cluster running the newer version to a cluster running a older version.

2, The same base functionality comes standard with all NSMs, the difference might be in the capacity license, as those were recently introduced. i.e. a 43x0 with a 4TB license is now possible I suppose.

3, Yes.


Re: P4300 G2 & Storevirtual 4330 Play Well Together?

We are running P4300 g2 and storevirtal 4330 together in the same management group. Created a new cluster for the 4330s. 

software version 10.5 on p4300 and 11.0 on the 4330s (came with 11 from factory).

I have not updated to 11 on the p4330 yet so I cant take advantage of the 11 improvements as long as I run both systems in the same management group.


only thing I am really missing is to do rapid provisioning in VMM with SAN-copy. I think that is a new feature in version 11.