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P4300 G2 node upgrade failed

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Occasional Advisor

P4300 G2 node upgrade failed

We have a 4 node P4300 G2 SAN with 3 of the nodes running Software Version but one of the nodes somehow failed during the upgrade process and is stuck at  Everytime I try to "Check for Upgrades", I get an error connectiong to the FTP server.  If I select Use Local Media, the whole process crashes due to the follow message:  The storage system "" running a manager has disconnected.  The management group TCP connection timed out after 60 seconds.  You will be logged out.

Aside from running a recovery on the one node, is there any other way of upgrading the software on this?  Thanks!

Occasional Advisor

Re: P4300 G2 node upgrade failed


Used the following post - - to manually upgrade single system, though still could not upgrade to 11.5.  Had to bypass and go directly to 12.5.  Odd behaviour.