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P4300 Issue Rebuilding 0%

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P4300 Issue Rebuilding 0%

Hi All,

I have a P4300 that had 1 failed and 1 predictively failed drive, the plan was to replace the failed drive, then once completed and rebuild done to replace the predictively failed one.

The failed drive has been replaced, but has been stuck at 0 rebuilding for 2 days now, the rebuild priority is set to maximum and the support logs for the node dont gather correctly reporting that "No space left on device (errno=28)" we are not sure where to go from here.

Any advice would be great 

Fred Blum
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Re: P4300 Issue Rebuilding 0%

Do you have new spares or are it refurbished disks? Not to keen on that last option although I see them routinely on offer. 

If you have a new one at hand you can try reseating that one instead of the one stuck. 

Here is an older thread on replacing disks: