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P4300 Lefthand San froze up


P4300 Lefthand San froze up

One of the SANs froze up yesterday morning  which caused several vm’s servers to go down. I am not sure what to look for in the logs so not sure there is anything in there. So when I looked at the SAN yesterday morning when I came in the bottom light on all the hard drives were a steady green but there was no activity lights to the drives. So I had to do a hard shutdown and then turned the SAN back on and got everything running again. This is the same SAN that we had replaced a hard drive on a month or so ago. There seems to be some type of hardware issue going on.


I ran the diags and of course everything passed. So not sure where to go from here since I don’t have anything showing as failed.


The attached file is of the alert log from our SAN1 box and shows several notes on 10/7 for our SAN2 named n349d002. Not sure this helps any.



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Re: P4300 Lefthand San froze up

This sounds like a controller lockup.  If your firmware is out of date, I would recommend updating.  If the problem happens again and your firmware is already up to date, I would call HP and have them take a look at the ADU report.  They will probably send you a new controller and maybe a new cache module.

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Re: P4300 Lefthand San froze up

Do you have by any means VMware Volumes that allow a Windows based Backupsystem to access them?


If yes you may want to check for SCSI Reservations on the VMware Volumes.