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P4300 Login Issue / Reset node to factory defaults

Daniel Baxter
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P4300 Login Issue / Reset node to factory defaults

Hi all,


We recently pruchased the 2 node starter pack and began configuring a managment group we added one of the nodes and thought everything was ok however when we came back to it after we rebooted it we were nolonger able to login. If i had to guess i would say there was a typo with the username used.


There is no configuration on it other than the initial managment group and cluster information and we were thinking that the easiest way to resolve the issue would be to reset the node back to factory defaults however when we boot of the recovery dvd it asks for a key and no matter which one we enter it will not accept it and it aborts the recovery.


We have the valid software keys from webware and they are registered against the correct nic's along with the other keys that are supplied.


So this question is in a couple of parts


1. is it possible to reset admin passwords / accounts on these units noting that the left shift LHN no longer works or indeed get a managment group user list without logging in to the managment group?

2. What are we missing as far as resetting the node ie what key is required and what is the process? is there a document out there that outlines the procedure?

3. Is there any other way around this problem


Thanks in advance for any assistance




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Re: P4300 Login Issue / Reset node to factory defaults

Unfortunately you will not be able to bypass this situation on your own without reimaging the box. The imaging should be simple. I usually don't type the feature key in as it is very long and I am bound to make mistakes. I use a USB key and process outlined on the following page: