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P4300 Showing 2 drives as faulty

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P4300 Showing 2 drives as faulty

I have a P4300 4.8TB starter SAN which is reporting 2 drives as "Faulty". 


I had to change both drives in the past 2-3 days as both reported as off or missing and had died.  Replacing the drives and rebuilding the RAID put both drives health as faulty.  I have tried additional drives and always says faulty on bays 2 and 8.


I have removed the node from the cluster and management group as re-balancing was causing the node with the faulty drives to report overloading and remvoing itself from the storgae group.


I dont want to continually replace drives that will say this. 


Is there something else I should be looking at?


I have attached a screenshot of the dirve listings.




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Re: P4300 Showing 2 drives as faulty

Have you confirmed that the drives and the firmware on the controllers are in sync?  As newer drives (with updated firmware) get released the controller firmware need to be updated so they recognize the newer drives.



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