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P4300 Switch recommendations

Steve Bishop
Occasional Advisor

P4300 Switch recommendations

I've got a couple of Procurve 4108gl, would they be ok for use with the P4300? If not what would you recommend for a Procurve switch.

Jim Silvia

Re: P4300 Switch recommendations

I haven't worked with them directly, but, if it has Gigabit ports, you can create a VLAN (or dedicate it to SAN) you should be OK.

That being said - i recently setup a P4300 G2 for a client on a 4208vl that had 10/100/1000 module (J8764A - and the performance was horrible. From the switch i wasn't seeing any errors. From the hist.ifconfig.log, however, (as seen from within the CMC) it was generating millions of errors at the interface level.

I moved it to a newer module on the same 4208vl - a J8768A (also 10/100/1000) and the errors went away and i was able to easy get it up to ~ 900+ Mbps testing with Robocopy on large files from one server....The server was the bottle neck as it's interface was maxed out.

I'd suggest trying it and if it doesn't work look at a newer 4208 or a 2810.

Steve Bishop
Occasional Advisor

Re: P4300 Switch recommendations

They would be dedicated
Steve Burkett
Valued Contributor

Re: P4300 Switch recommendations

The HP Virtualisation Smart Bundles that HP have started trying to sell to SMB's contain a pair of HP Networking 2910al-24G ProCurve managed switches, so I guess they deem those a good switch to be used.