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P4300 cluster - Failover manager status on 'x.y.z.t' = 'Down'. CRITICAL (E00050100)

M. N.

P4300 cluster - Failover manager status on 'x.y.z.t' = 'Down'. CRITICAL (E00050100)

I received the following message from a P4300 cluster.

The problem (if any) happened on Sunday morning, but now either the cluster and the FOM look to be up and running.

The "Resolution" line points to a page that does not exist...

What is the meaning of the message?

What can I do in order to eliminate the problem, if any?

Should I suspect any different kind of problem?






Event                   : E00050100 EID_FOM_SERVER_STATUS_G_DOWN
Severity                : Critical
Component               : SAN/iQ
Object Type             : Failover Manager
Object Name             : <IP Address of the FOM>
Management Group        : <Management group name>
Cluster                 : <Cluster name>
IP/Hostname             : <Host name>

Date and Time           : 03/02/2013 05:05:48 GMT
User                    : System
Resolution              :
Message                 : The failover manager status on '<IP Address>' is 'Down'.

Dirk Trilsbeek
Valued Contributor

Re: P4300 cluster - Failover manager status on 'x.y.z.t' = 'Down'. CRITICAL (E00050100)

according to the mail, the failover manager was unavailable at about 5:05. Since then the fom seems to have reconnected to the cluster, therefore the problem has resolved itself. I recently discovered that a failover manager running as a Hyper-V guest can become unavailable for a short time when the Hyper-V host is backed up with Windows Server Backup, probably due to the vss snapshot taken before the backup. Could be something similar in your environment. You may want to check the host system the fom resides on for any activities or events around the downtime.

Occasional Visitor

Re: P4300 cluster - Failover manager status on 'x.y.z.t' = 'Down'. CRITICAL (E00050100)

We have the same issue, when the backup software connects to take a backup using VSS there seems to be some downtime and we recieve also this event.


Any ideas?