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P4300 or DL 180 G6?

Occasional Contributor

P4300 or DL 180 G6?


I have a P4300 iSCSI SAN...which as far as I can tell is just a rebranded ProLiant DL180 G6.

Now, I want to deploy some more storage in order to use for backup, and I was thinking about buying a lower-end DL180 G6 fill it with 8 2TB SATA disks and install the P4000 software (SAN/iQ) on it... will that work? and can anyone please explain the differences between a P4300 and a DL180 ?




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Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: P4300 or DL 180 G6?

A P4300 is a server base model (possibly with a dedicated serial number range) and a SAN/iQ license and warranty/support for hardware and software.

This is a bundle. I don't think you are legally allowed to put SAN/iQ on an arbitrary server hardware, even if it works.