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P4300 setup with 10 gig isci

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P4300 setup with 10 gig isci

I have a server with 6 network cards. i want to connect this to iscsi storage p4300 G2.
What is the best recommendations for configuring the vsphere ?? Can i use the below config ??

2 1 GIG Nic team - VM network / Service Console 192.168.xx.xx
2 10 GIG Nic team - Vmkernel Iscsi traffic seperate 10 GIG redudant switch 10.0.xx.xx
2 1 GIG Nic team - Vmotion 192.168.10.xx

I want to achieve seperate vlan for ICSI traffic..... we have seperate 10 GIG redudant switch for ISCSI.

Do I need to assign the ISCSI vlan seperate IP (as above) from the VM network (customer network) vlan or both should be in the same vlan (192.168.xx.xx)

or is there any best recommendations for creating VLAN in switch for iscsi traffic ??
Alex Ball
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Re: P4300 setup with 10 gig isci

With out wanting to appear rude, you need to get a VMware consultant to do a network design for you or go on one of the vmware courses.

IF you have the iscsi on a seperate switch and NIC you don't really need a seperate VLAN, but either way it needs to be on a seperate Address range.
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Re: P4300 setup with 10 gig isci

Dear Alex,

I understand we have contacted vmware support just that the DNS from storage nodes in not reachable since saniq software is communicating on 10 gig separate switch.

please advice.javascript:postAnswerSubmit('submit');