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P4300: standalone to cluster: possible?

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P4300: standalone to cluster: possible?


Due to a huge amount of reasons (which are really not important right now) I'd like to know if it is possible to have a fully configured P4300 standalone array (with disk volumes created and with data within) and then add a new array to it, creating a network raid cluster. I was told it is not possible without destroying everything and starting from scratch.
Anyone that can confirm this information, please?
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Re: P4300: standalone to cluster: possible?

that is just not true.


you can create a management group and a cluster of one and then later add another node to the cluster without an issue.  Keep in mind that when you add a second node you will also need to either add a virual manager or ideally a failover manager to the managerment group as well.


Side comment...  I would suggest against a single node unless you have 100% no alternative.  With a single node you are losing just about every benefit you get from the SAN/iQ system and there is just about no point to spending the money on it.  I would suggest you get two nodes minimum or look into the VSA soluction if your budget is really that tight... my budget was tight and we went the VSA route and its been working great.