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P4300G2 read latency issue


P4300G2 read latency issue

Hello, I was wondering if anyone has seen different numbers being reported between the performance monitor built into SAN/IQ vs. the windows performance monitor? 


I'm a DBA and have been dealing with slowness complaints from users in our main application.


Our SAN is 3 P4300G2's in a raid 10 configuration. Our sql server has 2 gigabit network connections into a HP procurve 2910al-48g switch with a vlan configured for only SAN traffic.


That screenshot is of performance monitoring data I recorded from SAN/IQ and also windows performance monitor during the same day and time frame. Sample interval was 10 seconds in both instances. 


I'm wondering why there's such a large discrepancy between what SAN/IQ reports vs. performance monitor? 





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