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P4500 10Gb with Virtual Connect Patch Problem


P4500 10Gb with Virtual Connect Patch Problem

Hi everybody,


I hope someone can help me with this very strange problem:


I have a problem with installing patches on a customers P4500 G2 10Gb Multi-Side Cluster. The cluster is spread accross 2 physical sites with 2x ProCurve 6600 10Gb switches in each side. In sum we have 6 P4500 Nodes. The CMC Server is a VM on an ESX Blade Server connected through HP VC Flex 10 Ethernet with the iSCSI network.


The problem is, when a node reboots after patch installation it totally hungs up. After an hard reboot with disconnecting the power supply and restarting it again, the node comes back online. This happens with every node in this cluster...


Jumbo Frames and Flow Control are enabled on the Switches, vSwitches and Lefthand Nodes.


Anyone an idea how to solve this problem???