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P4500 DSM for MPIO Crash

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P4500 DSM for MPIO Crash

I am building a new solution with a P4500 10TB solution.

We have 2 x HPDL360 and the SAN. Right now we are simply TESTING the setup of this solution, and having a few problems.

The DL360's are going to be 2008R2 Hyper-V With CSV's in a cluster.

On one of the servers, the LeftHand MPIO Control service keeps crashing. It starts up, and then just dies. If I remove all of the iSCSI connections -- it stays up, as soon as I add a connection, it crashes.

I have updated it to the latest to attempt to fix the problem - but no dice.

It is working on the other server -- just fine, but on this node, it just crashes.

I could "start over" and rebuild, but that defeats the purpose here.

I have tried un-installing, and re-installing the DSM a few times - doesn't seem to help, and the iSCSI config is identical in every respect to the other node, which is working fine.
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Re: P4500 DSM for MPIO Crash

Re: P4500 DSM for MPIO Crash

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Re: P4500 DSM for MPIO Crash

Hi Jcohen,

I had the exact same issue you have decribed. The DSM control service died as soon as I logged onto any volumes.

My issue was caused because I had disabled the iSCSI acclerator functions on my HP multifuntion nics(as the P4500 doesn't support them). As you disable the last iSCSI accelerator option the, a few iSCSI entries are removed from the WMI database.

Check this out for the fix

I hope it works for you too!