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P4500 G2 10Gbe upgrade - Questions


P4500 G2 10Gbe upgrade - Questions


This is my first post so pls be nice.

We have a 6 node P4500 SAN split across two sites (L2 SPAN) currently running sw

We have plans to upgrade the nodes from bonded 1Gbe to 10Gbe, we have recieved the hardware so now I'm looking into the process itself to upgrade.

The PDFs that HP have published all look rather simple but my primary quesiton is - is its nesscery to power off the whole cluster before I begin or would it suffice to turn off one node at a time as I upgrade them then turn it back on, configure the adapter and then let the volumes resync? are there are downsides to this?

We have a 2 week window where the business is pretty quiet and the majority of our virtualised stuff which depends on the SAN is not being used - this is when I plan to do it if I can get away with taking one node down at a time.

Again I need to have a re-read of the documents but is it possible to run a 2x1Gbe + 2x10gbe in a Active/Passive setup between the two bonds? What is the reccomended setup here?

With the software version being what it is ( does that mean I do not have to apply the patch 10041?

I'm sure some more questions will come to me, thanks for reading!






Honored Contributor

Re: P4500 G2 10Gbe upgrade - Questions

I haven't read that part of the manual, but I would follow whatever they suggest.  I can't imagine they would require you to remove the node from the cluster, but if they do, I"m sure there is a good reason.  Assuming you still have a support contract with them, put it to use and just verify with them, but I"M 99% sure you shouldn't have to remove the node and a simple shutdown, install, restart, configure,resync should be all that is needed.

Regular Advisor

Re: P4500 G2 10Gbe upgrade - Questions

I have done this before with a smaller 4 node setup.

I didnt read the manual, but the process I followed was to take a node offline, add the card, put it on the same vlan with the same ip on the NIC and let it resync.

Rinse and repeat. Didnt have any issues.


David Tocker

Re: P4500 G2 10Gbe upgrade - Questions

Any more info on your setup David? such as version of Lefthand OS, amount of RAM in your nodes etc?


I've been having quite a mare over here with HP Support, right now I'm nearing the end of a reinstall of one of our nodes because the patches HP told us to install caused the onboard nics to disapear, its been an emotional 2 days.