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P4500 G2 CMC Port?

Greg Chait
Occasional Visitor

P4500 G2 CMC Port?

I have my entire iSCSI storage network segmented off to a particular VLAN (primarily supporting a vSphere environment). I do not have, nor do I intend, to have any systems residing on the iSCSI VLAN with the exception of each storage node and ESXi servers.

So my question is, quite simply, I am going to install CMC on my management network, what port do I need to open on my iSCSI network in order to manage the storage nodes?

I found this thread:

It touches on the same gist of what I am asking, but it's not talking at all about managing across VLANs through a firewall rule.

The documentation guide does note port 8959 is required but then states it's for the CLI.

Any thoughts or guidance?

Greg C.
1337 n00b
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Re: P4500 G2 CMC Port?


We installed CMC on our vcenter server. Our vcenter server is a virtual machine, so we added a second NIC and assigned it access to the iSCSI network through the VIC/vsphere client.

Works great.
Greg Chait
Occasional Visitor

Re: P4500 G2 CMC Port?


Thanks for the reply. I understand what you did, but unfortunately we're at the mercy of very strict network segmentation requirements and could not bridge that vCenter across a management AND SAN networks.

I can't imagine we're the first ones to do this. We did get a PDF from HP and working with network administrators, decided to open the following ports (fyi for anyone else running into this problem):


The problem I am having now, is whenever I "IP" the 2nd Management NIC, it drops my entire CMC-to-Node connection. I'll have to do some research on that now...

Greg C.
Uwe Zessin
Honored Contributor

Re: P4500 G2 CMC Port?

Sounds like a routing problem if you add an IP address to a second interface and the connection then drops on the first one.
I would check the usual suspects like subnet mask or gateway address.