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P4500 G2 - Options to seed initial asynch replication (remotecopy)

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P4500 G2 - Options to seed initial asynch replication (remotecopy)

Hi all,

I have a customer who has purchased two 2-node P4500 G2 14.4TB SAS SANs with plans to use Remote Copy to replicate from one over a 3Mbps WAN to another.

The first 2-node cluster/Management group is up and running in their Datacenter. I believe currently there is about 1.5TB of data that needs to be replicated from the Datacenter cluster.

I've instructed the customer to hook up the DR cluster in their datacenter so I could seed replication at Gigabit speeds.

Unfortunately, the customer had the DR cluster shipped to the DR and doesn't want to ship it back to the Datacenter.

Since there is only 3Mbps of bandwidth between the sites. At that rate and assuming 10% overhead it would be about 50 days for the initial seed.

My question is: Are there any other options to seed replication with the P4XXX series SANs? Something like the Equallogic Manual Transfer Utility? My research hasn't found anything except a convoluted way to do it with a virtualized HP VSA, which still involves a server that would need to run the VM appliance with quite a bit of storage.



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Re: P4500 G2 - Options to seed initial asynch replication (remotecopy)

Not aware of any way to do this in the way you are looking for.


You might look into using av VSA (evaluation) and some sort of storage and transport that some way to the new location and swap remote copy nodes etc. A bit messy but might be doable. (never done it). Many more houers work compare to shipping the node back and forth (I would preffere to do that)