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P4500 G2 -- Software P/N?

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Re: P4500 G2 -- Software P/N?



HP couldn't help me with the original licence that was purchased with the server (from where I bought the server from). I bought AX694-63101 and activated it without any issues at I would like to know what SAN/iQ features from the following the license unlocks:


- SAN/iQ Storage Clustering
- SAN/iQ Network RAID
- SAN/iQ Thin Provisioning
- SAN/iQ Application Integrated Snapshots
- SAN/iQ Remote Copy (asynch rep)
- SAN/iQ Multi-Site/DR Solution (synch rep)
- SAN/iQ Application Integration Solution Pack


Is there any way I can see (either on a website or in the CMC) what features are enabled with my license?


Sincerely, George


George Vardikos
Honored Contributor

Re: P4500 G2 -- Software P/N?

its an all or nothing license. Its either everything or nothing. If you have a key, load it into CMC and if it accepts it you are good go to.

sounds like you bought something from a 3rd party and in enterprise storage that is a rather risky proposition. Getting support will be iffy unless the seller cooperates and gets you ALL the information HP needs. HP isn't going to try and support you because you didn't buy the unit from them and their goal is to sell and support their own units and not some one resold used unit.

Any way, if you register it on the HP site and it did register and you can get an activation code then you are good to go for everything. Where you seem to be confused is thinking that the software itself has keys to unlock parts... it doesn't, its all or nothing.

Re: P4500 G2 -- Software P/N?

Thank you oikjn, your answer was very clear! I just purchased a second P4500 from HP and was able to setup mirroring easily, so the license I bought had it all :)


George Vardikos
Occasional Visitor

Re: P4500 G2 -- Software P/N?

Hi George, I have the same issue you had.

Can you send me the link from where you purchased the AX694-63101? thank you