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P4500 G2

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P4500 G2

We have a P4500 G2 14.4TB SAS virtualization SAN (2 noodes) with dual port 10Gb SFP + NIC'S connected to 2 Cisco nexus switches with 2 VLANS. 1 Vlan for management (192.x.x.x) and other for iSCSi traffic (172.x.x.x)

10GB NIC's are on the iSCSI VLAN and i have create a ALB NIC bond using the 2 ports.


Everything worked fine and i create a cluster and all LUNs

Then we moved the SAN to a data enter and connect it to the same switch but its just one switch instead of 2 switches at the moment.


Now we have lost connectivity on the iSCSI network and can't ping within the 2 nodes.

Anyone has come across anything like this before or any advice on how to resolve this is highly appreciated.



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Re: P4500 G2

My understanding of the P4000 contra-indicates a seperate management network and iSCSI network.

Basically if you want to mange the nodes they should be on one VLAN with a gateway with access to the 'management' network. If you want OOB *out of band* access then the seperate iLO ports on the nodes are your ticket.


David Tocker
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Re: P4500 G2

Yeah I agree with David here. Check your bonds (if you have any created) and make sure the bond with the IP address you want the node to have has a gateway. The server should only allow you to have a single gateway IP address. I too thought it was kind of lame that you couldn't bond the 2 onboard NICs for management traffic and bond the 2 TenGig Ethernet NICs for iSCSI traffic. 


Edit: I reread what I typed and it seemed vague.


You can only have a single gateway specified on the entire P4500 (excluding the iLO). The minute you add a gateway to an alternate interface, that becomes your Mangement AND iSCSI network address. So say you have two bonds one for your TenGig Ethernet and one for your on board nic cards. The TenGig-E bond's ip address is and the gateway is and the on board bond's IP address is When you go to add a gateway to the bond (just say you add and then you apply that config, the gateway to the bond should disappear (IIRC from messing around on my P4500s).