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P4500 Monitoring

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P4500 Monitoring


Does anyone know what I would need to do to get the P4500's to integrate with SIM. They are being identified as HP_DL18X and not P4500's.

I have imported the mibs but this hasnt helped.

René Loser
Frequent Advisor

Re: P4500 Monitoring

SAN/iQ 8.5 includes a new SNMP agent that lets you choose the SNMP version (v1 or v2) to be used for traps. SIM and the Insight Remote Support require v1 traps. So you might think that SIM is now able to handle the P4000 traps. This is unfortunately not yet the case. SAN/iQ 8.5 delivers the prerequisites for SIM integration, but now SIM needs to deliver the rest. The current plan is to have a better SIM integration with the SIM v6.1 release mid of this year â this should also include the Insight Remote Support (call-home) functionality.
Until then, we can only see the P4000 nodes showing up as storage system in SIM with a simple up/down health status based on SNMP polls and ping.

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HP PreSales Switzerland