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P4500 Multi-Site and VMware

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P4500 Multi-Site and VMware


I am looking to setup multi-site DR by using a combination of the HP Lefthand P4500G2 storage solution and vmware vsphere4.


There are 4 nodes in the production environment, in site 2 I want to utilise some old lefthand storage and I was wondering if this will work if the storage is a different size? I am aware that I would need the same number of nodes but not sure if they would have to match exactly to that in the production environment.


Alternatively I could move 2 of the 4 to the DR site but this is not my first choice.


Also has anyone got or used any good guides on how to set this up with vmware? Unfortunately I can only use HA and not FT.





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Re: P4500 Multi-Site and VMware



Anyone out there??




Re: P4500 Multi-Site and VMware

The available cluster storage will shrink to disk space of your smallest node, so if you have 4 nodes with 10TB on one site and 4 nodes with 5TB on another, you'll have 20TB available in network RAID10, so you'd lose space on your 10TB nodes. (I think!)

Frank Verstraten
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Re: P4500 Multi-Site and VMware

It is possible to add nodes to a cluster with different size. Be aware of the fact that everyting performs as the slowest node.

So maybe it is wise to build a new cluster. Also it is not possible to add nodes with smaller disks to a cluster with nodes with bigger disksizes.