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Re: P4500 Remote Node Configuration

Scott MacLaren
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P4500 Remote Node Configuration

I have a P4500 Multi Site SAN with two nodes in each site (currently connected via fibre with a 10GB backbone)

The entire iSCSI network is contained inside a vlan with no interaction with 'normal' network traffic.

This has been in production for over a year with no issues.

I now have two additional nodes that I want to install as remote nodes (in a far far away place) which will only be connected via a 10MB pipe (slow.... remember those days when we thought it was fast?). I will use these nodes for remote copy snapshots.

My question is.....

What network IP address do I give them so that a: the primary nodes (and the CMC) can still see and communicate with them and b: I am not sending ALL iSCSI traffic over the slow 10MB pipe?

My production site is in the following range: - .62
no gateway set.

Any thoughts would be appreciated!


Scott MacLaren

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Re: P4500 Remote Node Configuration

You will have to assign your iSCSI network a default gateway (firewall or router) that will route any traffic destined for the remote iSCSI network.

The remote iSCSI network should be on a separate network (subnet) connected via gateway.

Another way would be to add the other nodes to the iSCSI network as a part of the same stretched VLAN.

Re: P4500 Remote Node Configuration

As mentioned by Teledata, you would require a Gateway on the Nodes to talk to outside world.
A router which would connect it to the DR site.

If possible bring the 2 additional Nodes to the Primary Site and perform a prime sync.
This makes sure that subsequent snapshots will of much smaller size.
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Scott MacLaren
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Re: P4500 Remote Node Configuration

Thanks for the quick feedback. This is along the lines I suspected (the lack of a gateway on my initial installation lead me to believe I would ultimately need a router in place.) We will be attempting the initial config this weekend and I will update if I have any issues.

I have the two new units at my main center and already plan to do the initial sync here at high speed once I get the config out of the way!