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P4500 SAN/IQ 10.0 Win 2012 Multipath

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P4500 SAN/IQ 10.0 Win 2012 Multipath

Good morning.


I have two P4500G2 in a geo cluster configuration recently upgraded to SAN/IQ I have a six-node Windows 2012 Datacenter cluster running on BL460c Gen8 servers. On the cluster nodes I've installed MPIO, HP DSM v10.0.0.1486 and OneCommand Manager v6.0.23.1.


The cluster can find and access the LUNs without problem, but I've noticed that I'm not getting a multipath connection. All of my nodes connect only once, and all to the the same P4500 and not to the closest one.


How do I set this up to get multipath and geo awareness working again?







Re: P4500 SAN/IQ 10.0 Win 2012 Multipath

Hi Fredrik, 

If you look at the compatibility matrix at it states that the DSM cannot be used with a HW iSCSI initiator such as the Emulex initiators. 


If you wish to use the DSM you will need to disable the HW iSCSI on VC and on the blade and use just the NIC functionality of the HBA, then use the DSM...


or just use the HBA... 



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Re: P4500 SAN/IQ 10.0 Win 2012 Multipath

Well, that explains that. I'd totally missed that, thanks.


Not really relevant to the forum but since it's related to my question I hope you'll excuse me: My blades are connected to a B22 Blade Fabric Extender so I only have the one NIC and the iSCSI NIC available. Is it possible to get the iSCSI NIC recognized by the OS as a regular NIC so I can use it with the DSM?

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Re: P4500 SAN/IQ 10.0 Win 2012 Multipath

I am in a related issue to some degree! I have 2 Server 2012 DC Hyper-V hosts on Dl360p Gen 8 servers connected to P4500 and when I use HP (DSM) for MPIO it just blue screens my hosts. Have had to uninstall for now even though I had been waiting for san i/q 10 to fix this issue that I had seen in version 9.5 as well (which admittedly was unsupported). Anyone seen this?